ELL Made Simple

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Learning and Support Programs

Design and plan instruction that will apply student-centered instructional practices to promote English Learner engagement, collaborative problem-solving, and appropriate uses of technology resources. Our one-day onsite teacher programs supporting English Learners include:

Activating Learning Connections

Learn & apply proven strategies for building schema and connecting language proficiency objectives that increase student thinking and engagement and maximize student learning.

  • Evaluate 26 different informal assessment strategies for English Learners     

  • Practice strategies that activate learner connections for English Learners for making inferences and exercising reasoning skills

  • Apply techniques for converting Essential Questions into Engaging Questions

Developing Non-Linguistic Communication

Explore digital & environmental tools and resources that expand English Learner communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.

  • Evaluate apps that inspire collaboration & problem-solving among English Learners

  • Use graphic organizers, interactive websites, and divergent apps that promote critical thinking

  • Increase personal skill level with digital tools that emphasize non-linguistic communication among English Learners

Fostering Differentiated Planning

Integrate both vertical & horizontal differentiation strategies into the personalized ELL classroom that support English language acquisition and academic achievement.

  • Evaluate personalized learning plans for English Learners that inspire academic success

  • Analyze differentiation strategies that target English Learner readiness levels in the classroom

  • Apply digital tools that align with English Learner interests & learning profiles

Inspiring Self-Directed Learning

Learn and apply student-centered instructional models that engage English Learners in collaboration and discussion for real-world learning.

  • Evaluate the use of different Challenge-based Learning (CBL) instructional models

  • Develop real-world performance tasks for English Learners that boost language proficiency and content understanding

  • Use digital tools that promote student-directed inquiry among English Learners

Promoting Collaborative Problem-Solving

Learn and apply collaborative learning environments that maximize English Learner engagement and problem-solving.

  • Investigate websites that inspire collaborative learning among English Learners

  • Engage English Learners in problem-solving & issues resolution across content areas

  • Explore ELL classroom models that reinforce active learning

Facilitating Learner Questioning

Learn and apply specific techniques for self-reflection and personal inquiry that encourage student-generated questioning and discussion.

  • Apply strategies for eliciting student-generated questions among English Learners

  • Verify content understanding through strategic uses of student-generated questions

  • Design Focus Events that inspire authentic student-generated questioning


Leader Programs

Learn about our system for measuring teaching and learning that can help you simplify instruction for English Learners in every classroom every day. Our one-day onsite professional learning programs for leaders supporting ELL include:

Building Capacity: Measuring Student Learning with H.E.A.T.

Use our five-step classroom walkthrough protocol to determine how English Learners demonstrate Higher order thinking, Engaged learning, Authentic connections, and effective Technology use.

  • Establish reliability and promote effectiveness with the instructional coaching and feedback process

  • Connect desired "look-fors" and outcomes with a research-based approach that will impact teaching and achievement for English Learners

  • Identify strategies and provide feedback that will transform English Language Learning

Measuring Opportunities: Providing Strategic and Relevant Feedback

Refine the focus of walkthroughs in classrooms that support English Learners by using a feedback cycle that develops language proficiency and promotes academic growth.

  • Develop strategic feedback that simplifies instruction and aligns with practices that support English Language Learning

  • Measure progress with academic and language proficiency goals

  • Develop and monitor personalized professional learning plans that will impact instruction and achievement for English Learners

Integrating the ELL Levers: Using Data to Simplify Instruction and Impact Learning

Expand the walkthrough process by identifying trends that reveal instructional practices that will simplify and transform instruction for English Learners.

  • Analyze and connect data to language proficiency standards and practices that support English Language Learning

  • Align data with the ELL Levers to ensure promotion of practices that develops academic growth and language proficiency

  • Support the development of instruction that will promote achievement and language proficiency goals

Inspiring Innovation: Thinking, Engagement, Connections, and Technology in Every Classroom Every Day

Connect instructional and learning frameworks with language proficiency standards to leverage high impact feedback and learning.  

  • Evaluate strengths and opportunities that will promote innovative instruction that supports high impact learning for English Learners

  • Develop a strategic plan for implementing and monitoring leverage strategies and practices that will affect learner achievement and language proficiency

  • Plan for continued success using sustainable practice