ELL Made Simple

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Professional Learning Programs

Support and Develop Teachers and Leaders with Targeted Professional Development One Cohort at a Time

We can support and develop cohorts of teachers to design and plan student-centered instruction with learning activities that engage English Learners in collaborative problem-solving, student-led discussion, and applied uses of digital resources. District and campus leaders can learn about our system for measuring and supporting teaching and learning for English Learners in every classroom every day.


Teacher Programs

Learn practical strategies for incorporating best practices for English Learners into daily instruction one step at a time. These programs introduce strategies for incorporating the ELL Levers, offer practical resources, and guide participants through a trial run in their own classroom.


Activating Learning Connections

Learn & apply strategies for building schema and connecting language proficiency objectives that maximize student learning.

Developing Non-Linguistic Communication

Explore digital & environmental tools and resources that expand English Learner communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Fostering Differentiated Planning

Learn and apply specific techniques for self-reflection and personal inquiry that encourage student-generated questioning and discussion.

Inspiring Self-Directed Learning

Integrate differentiation strategies into the personalized ELL classroom that support English language acquisition and academic achievement.

Promoting Collaborative Problem-Solving

Learn and apply student-centered instructional models that engage English Learners in collaboration and discussion for real-world learning.

Facilitating Learner Questioning

Learn and apply collaborative learning environments that maximize English Learner engagement and problem-solving.

Leader Programs

Learn simple strategies that support school improvement and English Learner success all year long. These programs introduce time-saving, data-driven strategies for planning and supporting innovative teaching, personalized student learning, and academic achievement for English Learners.


Measuring Student Learning with H.E.A.T.

Use our five-step walk-through protocol to determine how English Learners demonstrate Higher order thinking, Engaged learning, Authentic connections, and Technology use.

Providing Strategic and Relevant Feedback

Refine the focus of walkthroughs in classrooms that support English Learners by using a feedback cycle that develops language proficiency and promotes academic growth.

Using Data to Simplify ELL Instruction

Expand the classroom walkthrough process by identifying trends that reveal instructional practices that will simplify and transform instruction for English Learners.

Supporting English Learners in Every Day

Connect instructional and learning frameworks with language proficiency standards to leverage high impact feedback and learning for English Learners in any classroom setting.

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