Doing PD Differently

May 17, 2019


Even the best professional development workshops can fall short of their intended goal of changing teaching practices. Instead of lengthy full-day or after-school professional learning sessions that often result in little or no impact on student outcomes, Ell Made Simple uses a cohort approach to provide teachers with real-time coaching and feedback.


Quality coaching and feedback is all about modeling micro- and macro- adjustments to current instructional delivery. These real-time adjustments focus on a specific best practice that leverages the English Language Proficiency Standards to elevate student engagement and cognitive complexity while simultaneously supporting language acquisition. As Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, author of Get Better Faster writes, "going into immense depth on one skill at a time, each building on the last, is precisely what makes…coaching effective."


Using teacher cohorts, ELL Made Simple promotes best practices research and provides daily support for English learners with integrated proficiency connections. Start a local ELL Made Simple cohort network today for your school or district by contacting an ELL Made Simple representative.



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