ELL Made Simple

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One-Day Workshop

How to Simplify Instruction for English Learners Every Day

Effective ELL instruction uses high-impact tools that blend proficiency objectives with hands-on, real-world activities. This powerful, one-day workshop introduces the 6 ELL Levers that consolidate ELL and other academic priorities while inspiring a fresh and innovative approach to delivering content, engaging students, and closing the ELL achievement gap.


ELL Levers

Simple levers make difficult jobs easy. Our 6 ELL Levers help educators identify and implement collaborative, self-directed activities and personalized learning for English Learners. By focusing on the context of social interactions and learner questioning, students explore content more deeply and make relevant learning connections.

Kids in Art Class

Who is this workshop best for?



Immediately launch a coaching and feedback cycle that promotes growth and learning

ELL Program Staff

Apply our ELL Levers to close the achievement gap for English Learners

Curriculum Staff

Use evidence-based practices to build confidence and impact student achievement

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