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Get the tools and coaching you need to close the achievement gap for ELs no matter when, where or how students are learning. ELL Made Simple offers high quality, high impact, professional development and coaching for administrators and teachers. Teachers learn to engage ELs while increasing academic achievement and increasing language acquisition.

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The EL student population is growing which means more teachers are challenged to ensure all students are progressing through their curriculum. Teachers must provide grade-level content while at the same time ensuring students become proficient in the English language. Most mainstream teachers have little to no preparation or training to manage both priorities successfully.


Make Teaching Easier and Learning More Effective

ELL Made Simple's professional development coaching uses three simple, research-based frameworks to provide easy tips and techniques for engaging ELs. The LoTi® Framework guides teaching best practices, the H.E.A.T.® Framework guides student learning practices, and the ELL Levers™ Framework prioritizes strategies that address the unique challenges faced by English Language Learners.


Created by educators for educators to increase overall achievement for English Learners (ELs)

ELL Levers

Enhancing existing lessons using the 6 ELL Levers leverages opportunities for student success


Professional development and coaching based on researched solutions for teaching ELs


Small professional development cohorts designed to enhance learning and foster support


Why Simplify?

English Learners face significant challenges in learning.

Language is not a barrier…it is only a variable!


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