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A Simple Approach for Teaching ELs That Works

Effective instruction uses high-impact strategies that blend language proficiency objectives with hands-on, real-world activities. Our ExcEL Texas Now program consolidates English Learner priorities by integrating evidence-based practices with proven measures to close the ELL achievement and support gaps.

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Our Approach
About the ELL Levers


Learn about the ELL Levers and how they simplify instruction and impact learning

Our Approach

Learn about how our personalized approach to PD closes achievement gaps


Learn about teacher cohorts and how  they support and develop ELs with targeted adjustments


Why ExcEL Texas Now?


ExcEL Texas Now infuses strategies that promote basic interpersonal communication skills (BICS) and cognitive academic language proficiency (CALP) in everyday instruction to support and develop language proficiency and critical thinking skills


ExcEL Texas Now engages students in hands-on activities that encourage them to think critically and deepen their understanding of the content


ExcEL Texas Now has identified the best research-based strategies and practices that will support how English Learners learn and have the greatest impact on achievement



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