What We Do

ELL Made Simple currently provides online professional development and coaching that specifically recognizes the challenges that teachers are facing as they have shifted to a digital environment. We also understand the additional challenges that teachers may face when providing a virtual education experience directly to EL students.


3 Steps to Success

The key to successful language acquisition and high-level student engagement for EL students is ensuring that the learning environment is seen as a variable rather than a barrier. ELL Made Simple's virtual PD cohorts follow a 3-stage process to give teachers the confidence and competence they need to become fluent virtual teachers.







Virtual PD Cohorts are Supportive and United by a Common Goal

Accelerates self-directed learning

Virtual cohort workshops clarify personalized online learning

Promotes EL online discussion, dialog, and questioning

Virtual cohort workshops and resources maximize online participation

Digitizes differentiated lessons aligned to the ELPS

Cohort database streamlines virtual differentiation

Expands learning connections in a virtual classroom

Virtual cohort resources create personal connections for ELs

Facilitates virtual collaboration for ELs

Virtual cohort workshops simplify online collaboration

Leverages non-linguistic communication for critical thinking and engagement

Virtual cohorts leverage audio/visual options for engaging ELs in critical thinking


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Dr. Desirée Marks-Arias (214) 864-2704

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