ELL Made Simple Workshop: Ongoing Support

January 4, 2018

Many teachers have the capacity to involve students in meaningful learning activities based on their state or district teacher evaluation rubric. The goal, however, is providing teachers with ongoing support via the necessary tools, strategies, and resources to consistently engage students at the highest levels of thinking and problem-solving at the Accomplished/Distinguished levels.


Attending an ELL Made Simple workshop session is by no means an end-all solution for ELL achievement, but it is the first step in establishing a network of resources and support for English Learner success. Preparing English Learners to become college and career ready is an everyday occurrence that requires consistent and ongoing support from dedicated "change agents." According to the U.S. Department of Education, 79% of LEP
 students are 
not prepared 
for college reading compared to 16% of non-LEP students.3


Part of the solution to closing the ELL achievement gap is creating an ongoing loop of personal reflection and feedback for every workshop participant. This is accomplished through follow-up coaching opportunities, lesson plan reviews, and a vast array of online resources that can elevate professional practice daily. Start a local English Learner support network by sending a cohort of your own "change agents" to an ELL Made Simple workshop session. 


3 U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, Civil Rights Data Collection, 2011-12. 


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