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One-Day Summer Workshop for Better ELL Results

Schedule an ELL Made Simple Summer Teacher Workshop
to increase the rigor and relevance of ELL instruction
that extends the principles of SIOP with the ELL Levers.

Summer Teacher Workshop: About

Close the Achievement Gap

Part of the secret to closing the achievement gap for English Learners is using the ELL Levers. The levers consolidate ELL and other academic priorities while inspiring a fresh approach to delivering content and engaging students. Come explore strategies for integrating these levers into daily instruction at a one-day Summer workshop.

Summer Teacher Workshop: About

ELL Levers

Simple levers make difficult jobs easy. Our 6 ELL Levers help educators identify and implement collaborative, self-directed activities and personalized learning for English Learners. By focusing on the context of social interactions and learner questioning, students explore content more deeply and make relevant learning connections.

Kids in Art Class
Summer Teacher Workshop: About

Who is this workshop best for?


— ESL/Bilingual Program Teachers —

— Sheltered Instruction Program Teachers —

— Regular Education Teachers —

Learn strategies for applying our ELL Levers to close the achievement gap for English Learners during your summer break.

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